“So Sinda, out of the goodness of her heart, did a private last minute HypnoBirthing class for me. Not only that but she ended up being my “backup Doula.” It was because of her that I was able to keep some composure during the last hour. The best thing during the most intense parts was hearing her say, “I’m right here with you” as well as repeat positive affirmations. She helped with counter pressure and helped me see how special this whole experience was. Mostly, I’m just so grateful she was there for me. I felt so doted upon and spoiled! Thank you, Sinda! ” ~Cassy Wheeler

“Sinda is personable, generous, and creates a warm environment for her hypnobirthing class! My husband and I loved the positivity she had that was consistent from day one and throughout the entire class. She did a great job giving unbiased information and following our lead based on the questions we had.” ~Miranda S.

“My birth experience was absolutely amazing thanks to Sinda! Checking up on me during the last few weeks of pregnancy, going to the hospital with me and my husband, helping me me to relax, and advocating for me during labor and delivery. ” ~Kasey McClean

“Sinda’s Hypno-Birthing class was a game-changer during my pregnancy and labor. I’d heard so many stories about the “horrors” of labor and I was so scared of those stories becoming my reality. Sinda taught me so much about what my body was creating and what it was preparing for. This education replaced my fear with confidence that my body was strong and made to bring life into the world. My favorite lesson from Sinda’s class was to stay calm, positive, and confident that my body knows what it’s doing – even as circumstances change and things might not go exactly as you imagined. This lesson was especially helpful when I developed pre-eclampsia late into my pregnancy and had to be induced at 37 weeks. While being induced early was not what I imagined, my husband and I knew it was necessary due to the circumstances. The fundamentals I had learned in Sinda’s class helped me to stay calm, positive, and confident during my induced labor. I truly believe it was because of this mindset that my labor was as magical and happy as it was! Now we have a sweet baby girl and the most magical memory of how she joined us. Thank you Sinda!”