Birth Story

“Words cannot describe the love I felt in that moment.”

Maizy Rose’s Birth Story:

Around 3am I woke up from a dream where I was feeling a lot of pelvic floor pressure. Almost like I had to go to the bathroom. I realized I was having pressure waves (contractions) so I started timing them. I had three all about ten minutes apart.

Today was the day! I texted my midwives to let them know what was going on. We decided it would be best to try to get some rest so I laid in bed and listened to hypnobabies tracks until five am. My pressure waves started feeling a little more intense so I decided to get up and take a relaxing warm bath. It felt so great to be in the water. During early birthing time I tried to nap again but it felt better to stand and use counter pressure on my lower back during pressure waves.

We set up our living room and watched The Office, Parks and Rec. and Hamilton. I walked up and down the stairs, did lunges, and bounced on my birthing ball. All morning and afternoon it was nice to be in my home to eat and drink freely, have all my own stuff at hand, my own bathroom. Seriously, the environment was just so peaceful.

Sinda gave counter pressures on my hips and back it gave some relief. Breathing and keeping my face and pelvic floor relaxed was challenging. I wanted to give up (which meant I was close) And despite all these challenges I wouldn’t have changed ANYTHING. Sinda was my angel. She encouraged me to breathe. Told me I was strong, that I was a warrior. I’m so grateful to have had her. When the tub was ready I had fully transitioned and the hardest part was over. As soon as I got in that tub Christina (midwife) arrived as well as Tana, our birth photographer. It was 6pm. My first pressure wave in the water I could feel Maizy as my perineum unfolded.

Staying calm and allowing my body to push Maizy down was so empowering. IT DID NOT HURT. It felt amazing as I breathed Maizy down. Haden (husband) was able to feel Maizy’s head during this process of about 4 pressure waves. Cristina was checking the heart which sounded great and sweet. Sinda held me and cheered me on. She kept reciting my mantra, ”I am comfortable and confident in my birthing body, I am strong, I am doing this.” FINALLY she was birthed, so gently. I sat back and Maizy rested on my chest and took her first breath. Tiny baby Maizy was here.

Words cannot describe the love I felt in that moment. I imagine it is THE closest to the pure love of Christ I will ever get. I was so in love with this dark haired 5lb baby. I kept saying she’s so tiny and is she breathing?! She didn’t cry so I thought something was wrong. Cristina reassured me she was breathing and that she wasn’t crying because it was such a gentle birth into this world.

Maria (the other midwife) showed up right as Maizy was born and helped make sure she was healthy. After about 15 minutes cuddling and loving on my baby in the tub I got out and relaxed on the couch. My placenta was kind of stuck right about to come out and we decided to try to go pee which totally worked. I birthed my placenta right into the toilet! After I went and relaxed on the couch while my midwives checked for tears. I had one tiny tear that they super glued and I felt great.

While everyone was cleaning up I was standing, chatting, and eating; feeling like a million bucks and Cristina told me to sit down because i just a baby and I needed rest!

This experience was the greatest most spiritual beautiful time of my life. I am eternally grateful for all involved.

~Moriah Langston

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