About Me

Hello beautiful mommas, I’m Sinda, short for Sindavanh (Sin-dah-vaughn). My name comes from Sanskrit, meaning, “Sun Goddess.”

I am a product of many things; a sister, a daughter, a friend, a mother of 5 natural births(4 home water-births), a wife, a doula, a birth educator, a wander lust and a refugee.

I am a refugee. At the age of 3, my family left a war torn country, Laos, in search of freedom. Those couple of years before we arrived in the United States were spent in refugee camps.

I was raised in Oakland, California for most of my childhood and young adult life. However, life as refugees in Oakland was difficult and challenging at times. Nevertheless, my father taught us resilience and hard work. Above all, he was supportive in most of my life choices.

My career was put on hold for a while because in 2008, my husband and I had our first baby. A homebirth was so awesome in many ways because I felt safe. On the contrast, my birth was not calm or gentle like I thought it would have been. 

Like you, I wanted more out of my first birth. I was disappointed in myself. So I started searching for answers and birth classes that were more than just different birthing positions. I wanted ALL.

Fast forward a few years later. I was pregnant with my second child and this was where everything became clear.  Despite my birthing environment at a hospital, I was able to still relax my body and be in a state of calm. 

Our insurance did not allowed a home birth at the time and I felt crushed. A hospital felt foreign. A place where I couldn’t control my environment. A place where birth was seen as an emergency and not a process. 

As anxious as I was, I started researching different birth classes and didn’t find anything that would assist me in eliminating fear and tension going into birth.

Likewise, my midwife recommended HypnoBirthing and that I would benefit greatly from the breathing techniques, hypnosis, and positive affirmations in helping me to eliminate fear.

With HypnoBirthing, I had my son in five hours. At the hospital! It was because I learned to relax every muscle in my body. And when it got REALLY hard during the contractions, I slowly slipped into a meditative state (hypnosis).

Was it that I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort? No. I felt EVERYTHING.  But this time, everything felt less intense. Pain became discomfort. And discomfort became heavy pressure.

Instead of looking at birth like a battle, I chose to create a space for my mind and body to be in harmony with one another. Becoming one with birth. And that my friend, was not easy.

After my dad passed away from cancer in 2018, I was starving for something meaningful in life.

I was in search of a purpose. I knew that it had to be something within the realm of women and children. I also knew that it would had to be something that I felt like it was a calling in life.

My dad, being such a great influencer in my life, was now gone. He had been with me when I gave birth to my third child and supported me through many life decisions. And even later in life, when I told him I wanted to also get a degree in elementary education, he said, “go for it.” 

This was when something kindled inside of me. On many occasions, I would find myself wondering what I could do more in life. Then I would go back in mind to when I had my second child at the hospital. I knew there were women like myself that needed more than just birthing positions. I wanted to be the person that made sure that they have a gentle and comfortable birth, wherever and however. I wanted to mother another mother, woman to woman, in strength and in wisdom. 

I am constantly learning as a birth worker to protect and nurture women of all colors, sizes, views, religions, and sexual orientation wherever, however.

Hi, I am Sinda, and I am a birth educator and a doula.