About Me

Hello, beautiful mommas! I am so glad you found me. If you are expecting, congratulations! What an exciting time in your life.

I am Sinda Compton. I am originally from Laos, and grew up in the Bay Area since I was five years old and moved away after I finished college.

I am a product of many things; a friend, a mother of 5 unmedicated births(4 home water-births), a wife, a runner, an art lover, a wander lust, a doula, and a birth educator.

I have a B.S. in Elementary Education. I can’t say that I loved teaching children. But I do love pregnancy and newborns!

I am currently a certified HypnoBirthing childbirth educator, and also teach classes out of my home in Lehi, UT. about once or twice a week. I am also a trained DONA birth-doula and a board member of the Utah Doula Association (UDA).

I absolutely loved assisting women in births whether it is their first time or their 6th!

As a doula, I have assisted moms at home, birth-centers, and hospital births. Because not all births are made equally, I have also assisted women in various circumstances including a cesarean birth.

Like you, I wanted more out of my first birth. I was disappointed in myself. So I started searching for answers and birth classes that were more than just different birthing positions. I wanted ALL.

I eventually, stumbled upon HB classes when I was pregnant with my second. My first birth was a home-birth and it wasn’t as gentle as I hoped for. When we didn’t have the option for another homebirth with my second pregnancy, HB class was what I needed. I never felt so confident and comfortable in going to a birth that was especially in a hospital setting.

The birth of my second child at the hospital was gentle and calming. At the time, when I arrived at the hospital, the nurses thought I wasn’t in labor. Shortly after I was checked, I had already been a 7.5 cm dilated!

It was a beautiful birth indeed from start to finished with no interventions needed while I was in labor.

After my second, I went on to having three more unmedicated births at home. And until this day, I can remember every single one of my births.

The reason why I chose this profession is because I was that “first time mom” that was anxious going into the unknown. Unfortunately, I was instilled with fears that surrounded births.

But ladies, I am here to educate, advocate, and empower YOU to become your very best birthing self!

Likewise, I am constantly learning as a birth worker to protect and nurture women of all colors, sizes, views, religions, and sexual orientation.

Please reach out for any questions. I am excited to be working with you!